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Twice a year my sister and her family make the long trip with their two cutest from Texas to Atlanta to be with us during Easter and Thanksgiving.  Each trip is foreshadowed by conversations about getting pictures taken.  It’s a running joke now because it’s the top priority to get it scheduled when they get in town.

I love getting to document my sister’s family as they grow.  When my niece Kendall was born in 2011, it gave me the opportunity to photograph a newborn for the very first time.  It’s been a blessing to get to capture memories for them and also allowed me practice for some of my favorite subjects- families and children.

This past Easter we found a pretty spot next to our old middle school in a clearing and managed to get some great pictures even with some mist threatening to ruin the photo time.  Everyone was a good sport and I love each and every picture we got.

I love that my sister appreciates photography and documenting the growing up of her kids.  It’s wild how quickly they grow up and in a blink of an eye it’s like they go from being babies to starting kindergarten.   Stay small little ones 🙂

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