What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is a popular term that many photographers use to describe their work but what does it actually mean and how does it compare to other kinds of photography?

Lifestyle photography is photography that is inspired by your life.


This type of photography goes deeper than just capturing your child with a perfect smile and the perfect outfit.  This type of photography captures the little moments that make you and your family unique.  It showcases your bond.   It gives you the portraits of moments that you see in life and wish you had a camera with you like how your little one curls up in dad’s lap when they read a book or splash around in a large bubble bath.

Some moms will tell me, “He(she) is going through a weird smiling phase, I am so sorry.”  I tell them that’s great because it show their personality and it helps them remember the age or time even better!


You may be wondering how I capture these moments?  I do it by first getting to know my clients thoroughly before the session.  I want to know all about you and as well as your favorite things to do!  I will also prepare you by discussing outfit choices and outline the game plan.  I’ll ask you to keep an eye on the light in your house to see what time of day the best light comes into your home and what rooms get the best light.  Don’t worry, your home DOES NOT have to be Pinterest perfect.

The best part about these sessions?  They are LOW STRESS!


Most of the time, these sessions take place at your home so you and your family is in your comfort zone.   You don’t have to deal with the unpredictability of trying out a new spot (unless you want to!) and that helps everyone feel more at ease in front of the camera.   These sessions are not RUSHED because you know how it goes, kids don’t always do exactly what we want them to do when we want them to do it.   We will have a game plan and we’re move on if something isn’t working the way we want it to.

My style of lifestyle photography is not hands off like true documentary photography where the photographer is a fly on the wall.  While I will be there capturing what is happening, I will be leading you and engaging with you and your family.  I believe this model works best because my clients aren’t models and sometimes need a bit of guidance while allowing for natural moments to happen as well.

You get what you want: quality time with your family doing things you enjoy and images you will cherish.


So is lifestyle photography for you?  If so, I’d love to meet you and learn more about sweet family.  Remember: Your little ones will only be little for so long.







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