The Carr Family

My appreciation for family has changed since becoming a mother.  Having a son of my own and having my tribe means the world to me.  Now as I photograph families, I have a whole new appreciation for what they have gone through to bring these babies into the world and the effort to raise good little human beings.  I love how I can connect with my clients over this similar bond.  Being able to spend some time with them to capture their growing children as their natural selves is my passion.

The Carr family is a special family to me as I got to take portraits of their little angel, Evie, in the summer of 2014.  I remember meeting them for the first time and just feeling the outpouring of intense love for their little daughter.  I remember thinking- this is how  I want to feel when I have a child.

Fast forward two years and they got to welcome to the world their handsome little man, Leland.  Again, the intense love for their children was magnetic and compelling.

I’m so grateful that for these families who entrust me with capturing their babies.  I love being their story teller.  Even though it can be a challenge to get a 2 year old to kiss her baby brother or even look at the camera, it’s a worthy and rewarding task to capture each child as their true self.

Now on to the good stuff- just look how beautiful this family is? Don’t they belong in a magazine??

XOXO- Jack

jackelyn lynam photography_0245jackelyn lynam photography_0246jackelyn lynam photography_0247jackelyn lynam photography_0248jackelyn lynam photography_0249

Daddy has his arms full and wouldn't have it any other way!

Daddy has his arms full and wouldn’t have it any other way!

jackelyn lynam photography_0251jackelyn lynam photography_0252

A sleeping newborn is one of the most peaceful things in life.

A sleeping newborn is one of the most peaceful things in life.

jackelyn lynam photography_0254jackelyn lynam photography_0255jackelyn lynam photography_0256

Wild hair- don't care!

Wild hair- don’t care!

jackelyn lynam photography_0258

Seriously- what a stunning family!!

Seriously- what a stunning family!!

jackelyn lynam photography_0260

This little man has no idea how much he is loved.

This little man has no idea how much he is loved.

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