Southern Animal Rescue Adoptables

Am I the only one that watches Animal Planet and cries often when I watch “Animal Cops” or “Pit Bulls and Paroles?”  I hope I am not the only crazy person who does but with that being said, I just love animals.

When I heard of Atticus’ story, it broke my heart.  Who shoots a dog in the head?  Like, really, WHO does that?  Whoever it is deserves jail time because people who do that do not need to be out on the streets.

Animal abuse is terrible but luckily there are good people out there like the folks at Southern Animal Rescue.  They are always taking in dogs that are on their last leg, nurse them back to health and help them find forever homes.  It’s admirable work and I am glad I get to help from time to time by taking photos of their dogs.

Also in this session, we have Ruby.  A excited but sweet little bitty pitty.  She would be a great companion for someone with an active lifestyle who is looking for their co-polit.

Atticus’ wound is healing nicely!

What a handsome boy!
Look at those ears! They are like antennas! 

Whose looking for a fetch partner? Ruby is ready! 

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