Our first Fathers Day

To my husband on his first fathers day:

I knew from the very beginning that you would be a great father.  Guess you learned it from your father who is one of the sweetest and kindest people that I’ve ever met.  You come long a long line of fathers who passionately love their children, support them and equally torment them for laughs and tickles. 

The first time you held Charlie I saw that amazing glow radiate from your smile.  I’ve never seen you happier.  Your whole world was in your arms finally 🙂 


During those early weeks and months, you jumped into fatherhood duties without a blink of an eye.  You made moms adore you and dads envy you the way you wore Charlie in a wrap as we ran errands to Costco, Target and the grocery store.  You mastered the daycare drop off and pick-up routines.  You took Charlie on adventures so I could rest.   You were never scared or intimidated when it came to caring for Charlie.


When life dealt us some difficult circumstances, you rose up to the challenge and held us all together with your love and faith. During those hard times, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you. I’m so incredibly thankful for your strength and determination.

Sometimes I wonder if I married the baby whisperer.  You are a natural at calming Charlie and you’re a pro at getting him to sleep on your chest.  As Charlie grows, I only see the bond between you two grow stronger.  The way you make him laugh is priceless and when he finally said “dada,” I think both our hearts about exploded.


Charlie and I are so blessed to have you in our lives.  Thank you for all the happiness and joy you bring us- you ARE the world’s best daddy!


Jackelyn and Charlie

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