Breaking a sweat for a better me

In a previous life (about 1990-2006, a good part of it) I played competitive sports and most recently in college, I played Division 1 softball at Tennessee Tech.  Playing sports really shaped my how I grew up.  It kept me busy and it taught me how to be a part of a team, be a leader and take care of my body.  It’s easy to say that being active is ingrained in me.

Like many former athletes, it is sometimes a struggle to find a way to be active when you’re no longer part of a team. I got into running in my post college days (completed 5 half marathons, whoo ho!) and spent some time at the gym.  After some foot injuries kept me from running daily, I hit a dry spell from working out.  I  was just not into doing anything…I literally went weeks without doing more than walking Kona.  At this time in my life, I was just feeling super stressed and couldn’t find a way to fit fitness into my life.  I was staying up late and waking up late, eating fast food daily and not living a healthy lifestyle.   This went on for about a year and at the time, I didn’t realize my downward spiral.

One day, while shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding, I had my break down.  Not to be overly dramatic but I did.  I remember seeing myself and being like “who is that?”  I may have even shed a tear or two.  I hit a low point and I knew something had to change. I had to get back to the person I was — driven, energetic, strong.  At that point, I signed back up at my local gym and started following a new weight lifting program by Jamie Eason.  I hadn’t lifted weights since college with my best friend, Chanel.  At first, it was a struggle because I was pretty weak and my body just looked less muscular than I remembered.  Instead of being hard on myself, I embraced my starting point and just kept going.  I kept going and even when I had slip ups or bad weekends, I got back on the horse the next day.

Part of my inspiration and motivation during my drive to get back in shape and live a healthier lifestyle, was getting sucked into Instagram.  My girl Chanel (now a personal trainer, healthy cook and motivator) was posting motivational posts and I soon started finding other fitness gurus and pro fitness athletes.  I totally got sucked into #fitspo posts.   For me, seeing daily people kicking ass in the gym and eating healthy, it helps me!  I love it.  Another part I love is this Georgia company called Flex Till Your Famous.  It’s such a great motto whether in the gym or not!  It’s all about getting it down and not making excuses and making your dreams happen.  I bought one of their shirts as a motivation for me.  At first, I felt a little silly since I wasn’t quite the athlete I used to be but after a while and some hard work, I totally rock my “drop it like a squat” tank on leg day.  I just love it!

And now that I have a wedding day to prep for, you better believe I have some motivation to hit the gym on the regular.  I really do love it and love seeing the progress I am making.  Strong is definitely the new sexy!!

In honor of my new found drive, here is my girl Chanel in my favorite motivational tank!  As a way to keep myself accountable- I will be posting some of my progress photos (you know I’ve been taking progress pics) on the anniversary of my 1 year of getting back in shape 6/17.  I’ve got a few more months to kick into gear! 🙂





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